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Introducing…the Blog

23 Feb


Welcome to the blog 🙂 We’ve put this site together to provide helpful information for our customers (you!) at the click of a mouse. You might want to bookmark this page if you’d like to be notified of the following:

1. Newsletters – While we’ve been emailing our newsletters to our newsletter subscribers every week, we will now be posting our newsletters on this blog, beginning next week (March 2nd). Soon, you can search for all newsletters by clicking on the Newsletters category.

2. Sale Announcement – Any sales will be posted on this page, including our annual Anniversary sale in August.

3. Company Stuff – All you need to know about company news like policy changes, different schedules, etc.

4. Tips, Thoughts, & More – We want to help clear things up for you, so this is where we might suggest products, discuss trends, or anything else that’s important. If you have a question you’d like us to address, just shoot us an email!

All newsletter/promotional email subscribers will receive an email from whenever a post has been added to the blog. Email notices include newsletters, sales, and other important matters. We hope this blog will prove to be useful to you. Our website is linked as “Our Online Store” and as always, if you need to drop us a line you can reach us at

We appreciate your business and thanks for reading!