License to Shop

11 Mar

You’ve placed your order online with us and then, we ask…

Us: Thanks for ordering from us! Would you please send us a copy of your resale license?
You: Resale license? What? But, I need to protect myself!

We understand how apprehensive you might get if a total stranger asked you for your resale license. But let me assure you that never, ever has and never, ever will take your license and hand it to a suspicious third-party, or otherwise do anything fishy with your license other than neatly filing it away in our file cabinets.

Why we ask for your resale license is very simple. It’s because we need a proof of your business to show that you collect sales tax, since we do not collect sales tax as a wholesaler. The government says we gotta do it, so we’re just following orders. If you have any information on your license that you’re not comfortable revealing, just cross out that part. We just need to see: your name or company name, a license number, and a valid address that is printed on a legal document.

If you’re not in the States or cannot provide a resale license for one reason or another, we will need a business license or other document that verifies you.

Honestly, by us requesting your resale license, you know for sure we are doing business ethically because this means we do not sell our products to the general public. The general public need to buy from you, not from us! Some wholesalers (who shall remain nameless) do not collect licenses from folks outside of their operating state and just liberally sell to whoever wants to buy, including the general public. is all about helping this industry operate in the way it’s meant to work, so… if you’re asked to fax or scan and email your resale license, trust us for that moment and don’t panic. You’ll get a big thank-you from us and a nicely packed order on the way.


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