Shipping Charges…

3 Apr

When the shipping cost for your order adjusts from an even $9 to $10.05, there’s always a good reason. The secure checkout system is connected to current shipping rates offered by UPS, so the estimated shipping cost is supposed to be as accurate as possible. If you’re charged a bit more than the estimate, it’s because the cost is adjusted to the final shipping cost (based on the package weight and the size of the box) and the amount that needs to be insured (in case your package gets stolen or pilfered or goes missing – believe us, it happens more often than we’d like, so we have to cover you).

Usually, if the order’s signed up for UPS-Ground, our Shipping Dept. doesn’t contact the customer regarding shipping cost differences prior to charging the account. However, if you’re looking to ship UPS-2nd Day Air or UPS-3 Day Select or you’re overseas, we will contact you about the final shipping costs. If you want to make sure you’re contacted before your package gets sent out, please drop us a line in the comments box when you checkout.

Shipping Cost Discrepancy Notes:

-shipping address (sending it to Paramus, New Jersey isn’t equal to Los Gatos, California); also, there is a surcharge by UPS if the address is a residential address and not a business.

-if you have a lot of bulk items (dozen packs) or heavy items (hip hop chains/pendants), the package weight will go up; hence, the shipping cost will go up, too.

-if you’re located overseas, the shipping method does make a difference. Typically, USPS tends to be cheaper than UPS, but again, this depends on the location.

-package insurance

-if you add a few more items after you submit your order and weight goes up drastically, you’ll see a shipping cost adjustment

And, many wonder why we don’t offer free shipping. We wish we could, we really do, but with our low profit margins that’s nearly impossible. Therefore, if we offer free shipping for a $300 order with a $20 shipping charge, our writer will go hungry. Instead of free shipping, we do offer the Rewards Program, a low $50 minimum purchase amount perfect for sampling, and competitive prices.

Thank you!


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