Fancy Suggestions: Fashion

8 Apr

OK. A glance at the price tags of some of our high-end items may send you running, but lemme just say that you should hit the brakes for a couple minutes the next time you see these pieces. They are too nice and too pretty to pass up! They are priced fairly and you will have good reasons to tell your customers why the jewelry is worth splurging on. I will even venture to say that as much as we love our photographer, the pictures don’t do these justice. Seriously. Try these out and see the difference:

Glamour Crystal Tipped Bangle
-this one is so elegant and beautifully finished with rhodium. the quality makes it a star and might i add that this one has been making its way into several of our customers’ carts.

Epoxy Flower Covered Cuff
-you have probably seen something like this in your fash mags at a much higher price tag. this cuff is definitely a spring thing; get the matching ring, too!

Cubic Zirconia Stretch Bracelet
-this. is. gorgeous. you have to hold it and wear it yourself to see how the cubic zirconia stones sparkle under the light.

Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings
-every girl needs a spectacular pair of very sparkling earrings. these are perfect for formal events or just anyone who enjoys a glam look any day of the week.

Engraved Garden Scene Earrings
-these are simple because they aren’t packed with crystals. but – there are these carefully thought-out details that make this pair special.

Handmade Keishi Pearl & Leaves Necklace
-i personally love this necklace. the picture doesn’t even begin to show just how pretty it is. keishi is also spelled as keshi. we suggest visiting to find out more.

Natural Onyx Donut Linked Necklace
-if you’re into natural stone jewelry, you should give this is a shot. actually, even if you normally don’t sell natural jewelry, you should consider this. this particular color is great for spring.

Large Pearls & Swans Necklace Set
-i’d recommend this for tall women who like that elegant look. these faux pearls are created to look like the real thing and the metal swans are the perfect accents. this was a tricky one to photograph, but you should take a look at the additional pictures we have (you can see additional pictures on our website by clicking on the first picture).

Framed CZ Solitaire Ring
-available in sizes 6-9 and in two other colors, this rock is huge and totally worth it. the stone is pretty big, so i’d make careful note of the dimensions – the whole oval measures 1″ and the cz itself measures 19mm (about 3/4″). this ring represents all fabulous cocktail rings.

…And here’s something fun and cute and totally affordable:

Striped Big Sunglasses


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