Good Buys: Fashion Dozen

15 Apr

Triple Glass Bangles Set (dozen)
-finding cheap accessories is a must business practice these days, so we thought we’d suggest some good fashion jewelry/accessories dozen items. of course, they’re not going to live up to a $4.75 necklace set, but for the price, we’d say they’re a pretty sweet deal. the above triple glass bangles set is a very, very good find – the bangles are so cool to the touch, an inexperienced person might mistake it for stone. 😛 and so, here are some other trendy and affordable dozen products:

Large Flower Headbands (dozen)

Natural Wood Pendant Double Cord Necklaces (dozen)

Horn-Like Marbled Rings (dozen)

Colorful Marbled Bead Necklace Sets (dozen)

Crystal Teardrop Earrings (dozen)

Rose and Ornaments Rings (dozen)

Mini Rosette Headbands (dozen)

Happy Shopping~


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