Website Sign-In Troubles

21 Apr

In a perfect world, no one would ever have trouble logging-into our website, but it happens. Here are a few possible scenarios and solutions that might work for you the next time you find yourself in this pesky situation!

01. You are trying to sign-in, but your computer automatically enters in something for your email address and/or password, even though this is old information. You changed your information, but your browser doesn’t want to listen! Hence, you can’t log-in.

While your browser is trying to help you retain all previously inputted information and save you time, in this case, it’s unfortunately working against you. You could try to purge all AutoComplete values and start from scratch. On Internet Explorer, you can clear the AutoComplete data by:

Click “Tools” on the top menu.
Select “Internet Options”
On the “General” tab, click “Delete…” in the “Browsing history” section
A new window will open titled “Delete Browsing History”
Click “Delete forms…” button
Click “Yes” when it asks for a confirmation.

02. You forgot your password and all the new password emails you receive from us aren’t making your life any easier.

We apologize for this inconvenience! Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll manually reset your password from our end. Please also make sure that the email address you are entering is the same as the one we have in our system. It also helps to double-check your email address/password for any typos (reminder: everything is case-sensitive! So, don’t mix-up ‘A’ with ‘a’.)

03. You’ve tried logging-in countless times and you’re 99.9% sure you’ve got the right information, but you’re having no luck. Reason: it might be more than just a password problem.

First, please, please, please contact us for assistance and refrain from creating another account! When our system has multiple accounts under the same name, it gets tricky for us to keep track of all our customers. Once, we had 5 accounts under one person!

It is possible that the system might have locked your account. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as: address cannot be found by UPS, incorrect phone number, invalid email address, or invalid resale license number (while there is not system we can go to and check these numbers, our system will lock the account if it looks suspicious. For example: 111111 or asdf1234). By having our system automatically lock accounts, we are trying to prevent the general public from viewing our website because we want to make sure we only sell to retailers.

*Also please know that if you are using AOL as your browser, you will encounter problems when using our website. This is because is not compatible with AOL users since AOL does not allow us to keep track of our customers’ information. Thank you.

Hope this helps you and as always, you can contact us by email 24/7 and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can!


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