Hot Trend: Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

17 Jun

Yes, it’s true that Swarovski crystal fashion jewelry sells pretty well all year round – whether it’s snowing 5 inches in December or 80 degrees in July. But there are times when it sells especially well, and that time is…right now! Check out all of our fantastic colors, available as necklaces, rings, and earrings…

And here’s a quick explanation taken right off of our website about these sparkles:

“Our Swarovski necklaces and earrings are not direct products from the Swarovski Company; instead, the manufacturer cuts and polishes the stones. However, this is not to say that they are not genuine. These Swarovski stones or crystals are directly imported from Austria in their natural state at high quantities, allowing the manufacturer to produce jewelry at low costs. Naturally, the prices for our necklaces and earrings are much lower than the jewelry available at Swarovski stores. Because the manufacturer cuts the stone, they cannot label the jewelry with a Swarovski tag. With or without tag, any of our Swarovski pieces will certainly add that glamorous touch other jewelry do not possess.”

Here are our most popular styles:

Framed Swarovski Crystal Earrings – 15mm

Large Framed Swarovski Crystal Earrings – 20mm

Swarovski Rivoli Round Earrings

Framed Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Framed Swarovski Crystal Ring (one size)

-To see all Swarovski crystal fashion jewelry, simply search for “Swarovski” on our website…expect tons of color, lots of sparkle, and plenty of style!


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