Rinadon.com Newsletter: 7/7-7/13

13 Jul

Hi there –

Don’t know about you, but we’re expecting a lot of rain here this week. Normally, rain would be refreshing, but as it is summer, well, it’s still very warm and humid (which is not refreshing at all). Although we rant about the uncomfortable weather, we can’t help but think that it’s not as bad as last summer…or, maybe we’re just getting used to the stuffiness. Maybe.

In any case, it’s Monday and here are some of our picks from the last week… Enjoy your day and remember, our July sale is still going on. Don’t miss it!

Burnished Curvy Bullets Necklace Set

Snake Stretch Ring (one size)

Python Skin Design Coin Purses (dozen)

Turquoise Ball Beaded Necklace Set

Animal Print Epoxy Hoop Earrings

Chains & Beads Chandelier Earrings

Iced Cross Figaro Chain Necklace (hip hop)

Eagle & Flag Buckle (hip hop)

Michael Jackson Leather Belt (one size)


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