Sensitive Skin & Jewelry

15 Jul

As a retailer, please be careful of what you sell and who you sell to! While there are many lucky ones out there who don’t have a problem with any metal, there are still others who can get purple and very swollen ears! While your customers should know what works and doesn’t work for them, it’s important to educate yourself about what fashion jewelry is available.

  • California Proposition 65 (CA65): this has been in effect since 1986, to keep toxic substances out of consumer products, like fashion jewelry. You’ll see that some of our jewelry has this notice on them…this is more official than just saying “lead free.”
  • If our product descriptions say nothing about lead, nickel or anything else, it just means that no official statement was made by the manufacturer. Jewelry in this category usually lasts a bit longer than lead/nickel free products. This is safe for most people, but super sensitive people should opt for sterling silver, stainless steel, or even real gold jewelry.
  • lead/nickel free: item is below toxic levels of these substances, so the jewelry is safe to wear for most people. Lead and nickel are the most common substances people are allergic to. However, if person is extremely sensitive, then even lead/nickel free will not save them!
  • lead compliant: item meets current permissible levels of lead in a consumer product.
  • Some jewelry has notice that says “not appropriate for children under the age of 12.” This may seem a little silly, but please be aware that children are very sensitive to lead/nickel and you should encourage children to wear 14K gold or sterling silver jewelry (especially earrings!) until they are absolutely sure they are not allergic.

Please note that any notices about the product is issued by the manufacturer. The bottom line is that if you have just purchased something from us and would like to know if it is lead/nickel free, please give us a call.



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