What’s In Now: Cupcakes

7 Aug

We know, we know, we know… we’ve probably mentioned our cupcake jewelry close to a million times, but really, there’s just something about these that’s just plain irresistible. We’ve had them for quite a while now and they still manage to top our best-selling list every week! Amazing.

Last time, we mentioned cupcake earrings and well, they’re flying off our shelves but don’t worry, we’ll be restocking them again very soon (purple, gold, and silver are all gone!).

Earlier this week, we added cupcake rings in plenty of colors:

And as always, our cupcake necklaces (big and small) are still super sellers! For all our hip hop buyers, don’t ignore the cupcake trend…many of our predominantly “bling-buying” customers stock up on our larger cupcake necklaces (64D00271) and cupcake anklets (64D00414). So, if you have a hip hop store but are interested in carrying women jewelry, try out some cupcakes 🙂

So…what’s coming up? Cupcake bracelets! You asked and we listened. We’re quickly working to get some cupcake bracelets in and we can’t wait to show them to you 😀

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves to make your lives easier…

Have a great weekend,


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