Rinadon.com Newsletter: 11/10-11/16

16 Nov

Good Morning!

It’s hard to believe that mid-November is already upon us and yes, believe it or not, Thanksgiving (for us in the States, anyway) really is next week. Maybe you’re caught up in the whirlwind of what to stock in your shop for impulse shoppers over Thanksgiving weekend or trying to decide what to buy for Christmas gifts or what to cook for Thanksgiving/Christmas dinners. Well, we can actually give you a hand in all of these dilemmas. Yep, even the holiday dinner menu part. Our company President recently discovered www.videojug.com for new recipes perfect for the holidays, complete with extremely thorough step-by-step video instructions. Suddenly, making your own risotto or authentic Indian food doesn’t seem so daunting! As for what to shop for, well, you can certainly start with us – new scarves have been added along with popular and new fashion jewelry.

Have a wonderful week –

Cashmere-Feel Houndstooth Fringed Scarf

Flower Print & Striped Scarves (2 pcs)

Mesh Fishnet Bib Toggle Necklace Set

Ball & Tassel Long Necklace Set

Crystal Teardrop Dangle Earrings

Multi-Cross Charm Necklace Set

Handmade Beaded Headband

Smiley & Joy Cord Bracelet

Assorted Crystal Grape Dangle Earrings (dozen)


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