Rinadon.com First 2010 Newsletter!

5 Jan


We hope you had a restful holiday and tackled the first Monday of the year with no problem 😛 …Joe Zee, Creative Director of ELLE Magazine, tweeted, “Does anyone else feel like today is Labor Day and you have that nervous anxiety before the first day of school?” (You can follow him on Twitter @mrjoezee). It’s strange how we’re beginning another year when it seems like we just started one. This year, perhaps our new year’s resolution ought to be “Make everyday count, so as not to feel like the year disappeared when we look back on the 31st.” We’ll see how that goes…

In any case, as promised, we’ve kicked off the year with new reading glass styles (or, readers) – each available in powers of 1.25 to 2.00. Please take a look at our Reading Glasses category or New Arrivals. More styles are coming over the course of this week,m so check back with us! Also, we’ve released some heart products for Valentine’s Day, so be sure to pick those up too.

We hope you have a wonderful day and as always, if you should need a little help, we’re right here waiting.


87C00226 – 87C00229







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