Rinadon.com Newsletter: 1/5-1/12

12 Jan


We hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful weekend. Atlanta is finally seeing (slight) warmer weather this week, which is great since it’s pretty doubtful us warm-weather-familiar Georgians are ever going to learn how to properly drive in wintery conditions! 😛

In case you didn’t know, Rinadon.com is currently having our January New Year storewide sale – save 10% off any order of $300 or more. Just use the code new10! This is a good event for you to take advantage of to try new items to kick off the year, and it’s even better since it applies to both domestic and international orders. Please be aware of the conditions that apply to this code here.

We received several new items and popular reorders (like, Swarovski crystal earrings in 15mm , phone charms, hoop earrings, and hematite CZ earrings…) this past week – all of which can be found in our New Arrivals section.

Have a great week!








62Z00525DGY (hip hop)



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