When “fashion” jewelry collides with hip hop…

20 Jan

Interestingly enough, our latest best-sellers on our Hip Hop section are ones that you can just as easily find on our regular Fashion section. The two sites have collided and as a result, you have a mix of current trends that work with the general public and fashions that we once thought only worked for ones who possessed “real” street style. So, maybe one group wears ballet flats and the other Nike High-Tops, but we all borrow from each other to look good, and the line between the two is getting blurrier and blurrier.

See our top 5 right here:



68V00296SVR – for both men & women



As you noticed, most of these are all for women… What are the gents wearing? For us, chains (necklaces and bracelets) and stud earrings are always steady sellers. Think this post doesn’t really apply to you? Well, there’s one thing all of us can learn: our top-sellers all happen to be silver…

Cheers –


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