3 Trends: Denim, Lucite, & Flowers

26 Apr

It’s important to stay on top of the latest trends. Yes, you ought to look ahead to Fall accessory trends, but let’s help you pick out items that reflect sprint/summer fashion trends – things you can display in your store right now!

As the title suggests, the three trends we’ll be looking at are denim, lucite, and flowers. Denim is everywhere – many top designers are reworking denim and they’re going beyond just jeans (overalls are supposedly making a comeback, if you’re interested…). Flower printed dresses are probably one of the biggest spring sightings this year. And lucite is huge, starting from shoes… So, why not incorporate these big trends in jewelry and other fashion accessories? Take a look at what Rinadon has to offer:


[search for 63N00659]

[search for 63N00661]

[search for 63N00662AST]


[search for 96F00004 – kids]

[search for 63N00643AST]

[search for 46M00006]

[search for 96F00002]


[search for 27E00014GRN]

[search for 78E00025]

[search for 66A00403]

[search for 63N00625AST]

–Another trend to look at: Pearls

Click here to start shopping… 🙂


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