Rinadon.com Newsletter: 8/3-8/9

9 Aug

Hello —

We hope you have been doing well and enjoying the start of August. Did you know… It’s our anniversary month!! This is GREAT news for you because…

(click banner to make bigger)

As noted above, our sale will be going on until August 22nd (that’s a Sunday, if you’re curious) and applies to ANY order (no minimum purchase required). Just enter in the code ANN1010 when you checkout to save 10% off your ENTIRE order (excluding shipping, of course). Standard discount coupon rules apply: cannot be combined with another discount, is only valid between 8/9 and 8/22 (midnight ET), does not accrue reward points, and does not affect Outlet items. When you checkout, you may use both coupon and existing reward points to increase the savings!

New items are available on the site, soooo get shopping!

Let us know if we can be of assistance and we wish you a wonderful week. You can always contact us by phone during normal business hours M-F, or send us an email anytime and we’ll be sure to reply real quick.

Thank you for shopping with us over the years! We certainly appreciate you.


—If you’d like more information about a product pictured below, please copy and paste the product number listed below each image, and search on our website.








…HOT item:


–Also, tons of popular chains available on hip hop site.


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