Rinadon.com Newsletter: 8/17-8/23

23 Aug

Hi There!!

Here is our weekly newsletter, featuring new products. Expect to see a lot of metallic jewelry — yes, the price gold is more expensive than ever, so why not just wear the color? It’s a smart and stylish way to go into fall. Of course, the weather isn’t exactly yielding to cooler days (at least it isn’t where we are…), but with temperatures hovering past 90 paired with high humidity, we sure could use a cooler breeze! Among other merchandise, our warehouse received plenty of jewelry from India — both popular reorders and brand-new designs. Be sure to take a look.

As always, if you have any questions/comments regarding any matter, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone. Also, if you aren’t following us on Twitter, follow us here @rinadon_com if you’re not a fan of clogging up your inbox with emails or want quick and relevant company updates. To see more of our thousands of products, please click here for a direct link to our online catalog.

Have a great week —









>>See Fashion New Arrivals

>>See Hip Hop New Arrivals


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