February Favorites

7 Feb

With the first week of February over and with this month a tad shorter than the other 11, we thought now would be the right time to bring you a list of the top-selling jewelry and accessories at Rinadon.com. We’ll limit it to 10, so it’ll only take a moment to read this post. A note: be sure to discover other colors of a product shown (9 out of 10 times, we will have more than 1 color available). Be sure to have the most perfect, LOVEly selection at your store for Valentine’s Day… 😉 It’s not too late to stock up on a few more things for the 14th – people say that most Valentine presents are picked up at the very last minute!

If you’d like to reach us, please don’t hesitate – we’d be happy to help you!

[Please copy and paste the product number listed below each photo, and visit our website for info or to purchase]











**Need more suggestions?? How about these!

>> Belts (new category! Let us know what you think!)

>> Warm weather scarves

>> Shamballa-inspired bracelets & necklaces

>> Bulk jewelry & accessories



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