What’s Flying Off Our Shelves Now

8 Dec

To help all your shoppers check everyone off their lists, you’ll need to stock up on accessories that’ll please most gift recipients. Of course, some pieces are a better fit for certain shops than others, so browse the selection below, take a closer look on our website, and decide if these make it to your list or not!

Also, remember to check out our winter accessories and gift boxes or pouches.

Questions, comments, or answers? Leave a comment or shoot us an email.

–Product numbers are listed below each photo. Please copy and paste into our website’s search box.

76M00375CLR – more colors available

22A00020CLR – more colors available

76M00041SVR – also in gold

84C00205BLK – more colors available

64D00430PNK – more colors available (also, try our other cupcake earrings like 64D00469)

56C00036SVR – see other letters by searching: “crystal letter necklace”

32R00005PNK – more colors available

76M00572ABC – more colors available

76M00571SAP – more colors available


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