Our Two Cents: The Road to Relaxation

21 Dec

Whether you’re a big shot CEO, teacher, stay-at-home mom, or small business owner, everybody experiences stress in some shape or form. To relax, maybe you like to cook or jog at your local park. We decided to find out what our Sales Manager Joyce (who you’ve probably talked to!) thought. How do you combat the chaos in your life? Please share!

Q – As our multi-tasking sales manager, wife, and busy mom of two, how do you handle stress?

A – On top of my personal life’s stressful moments, the holiday season is always a crazier time at Rinadon. How do I tackle all this stress? Do I excitedly approach this season as a time to rejuvenate my life, or do I allow myself to be overwhelmed by the ginormous, stressful mess?

I read an article in this month’s Cooking Light magazine – “OK I’ll Meditate” by Jennifer Drawbridge. I love this magazine. Though I don’t necessarily follow their cooking tips, just reading it makes me feel like I’m delving into a much healthier lifestyle. It’s kind of like drinking Diet Coke makes me feel like I’m losing weight when it’s probably not that much better than regular Coke!

What caught my eyes is this: “Meditation is not mind control. It’s not denying what’s going on in your life. It’s learning how to focus your mind and to pay attention to the present moment. Focusing on the present – not allowing my mind to race forward to stress over an imaginary and catastrophic future or circle back to review hideously stressful past experiences…”

Although I agree with her words, I find it hard to do. If I sit down and try to meditate, I cannot help a gazillion thoughts coming in my direction at full-speed, attacking me. So, I “do nothing.” No, that’s not true. What I mean is that I regain my peace by doing something mindlessly, such as speed-walking on a treadmill; listening to very soothing music; people watching; or listening to a radio DJ’s casual comments about something that has no real meaning or effect on everyday life… The list goes on. 

This year, I’m going to follow Cooking Light‘s suggestion. Stress in my life will never completely go away. I have to accept this fact and find the activities that help me to at least temporarily forget the stress. The goal is to be at peace. After I “do nothing,” dealing with stressful situations is a little easier.

Here’s to a more peaceful and mostly stress-free 2012!


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