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29 Dec

Rinadon reporting for duty. Really! Every day (and occasionally on weekends) our shipping team picks and packs your orders to make sure you receive accurate packages on time. Your happiness is our happiness.

We don’t like to brag, but… our shipping team has a pretty awesome track record. To help them be even more successful, you can help by being a pro user of the comment box when you checkout.

You’re probably familiar with the picture above. See where the red arrow is pointing? That handy box is kind of the key to shipping happiness. Believe it or not, our shipping team reads every single word that you type in that box and they are very good at following requests. So, take advantage! What do you want them to know?


  • Do you require a non-negotiable quantity for an item? Mention it! Otherwise, we will send you only what is in-stock in our warehouse and only charge you for sent items. For various reasons, we don’t automatically backorder, so if you need 60 pieces of an amazing bracelet, tell us.
  • Delivery dates are especially important during the holidays, but your business is important all year. If you need a package by a certain date, please leave a comment. Unless requested, all packages are shipped via UPS. We’re located in Georgia. Here’s a map (taken off our website) showing about how long delivery takes:
  • A little note: shipping rates are based on weight and destination. If you are in a huge rush and need a package in 3 days, please remember that the shipping charge will be much higher than Ground shipping. If you’re still interested and want a shipping quote, leave a comment and we’ll be glad to find out for you.
  • Although we usually contact you by email, we like to give you a ring when getting back to you about your order details because time’s ticking. When leaving us a comment, please also include a phone number we can easily reach you at.
  • If you don’t live in the U.S. – no worries! International orders are shipped via UPS or USPS (Postal Service). When you submit your order, please leave a note telling us 1) what shipping service you would like and 2) a phone number or email address we can reach you at to confirm shipping charges.

Thank you for shopping with us. We hope you found this helpful!


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