The Best of Fashion+Hip Hop

10 Jan


Our monthly round-up of what’s your current favorites… As usual, this is a mishmash of our “fashion” and hip hop sites that hone in on picks that 98% of the time, can do no wrong.

(Speaking of hip hop, my favorite Beyonce is officially a mommy. How do you like the baby’s name? Blue Ivy… It’s unusual, but honestly, I don’t expect anything less from the chanteuse. If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s proud father Jay-Z’s tribute to his new baby.)

For more information about a product shown below, click on the image.

56C00133RED – more colors available

64D00281PNK – more colors available

84C00338GLD – silver available

56C00125PNK – more colors available

76M00550PNK – more colors available

64D00430PNK – more colors available



84C00256SVR – more colors available


62Z00672NAT – black available

*Be sure to visit our Valentine’s Day shop – we’ve set aside all relevant jewelry for easy shopping.
*Wondering why there are so many earrings in this best-sellers list?

Questions, comments, or concerns? Send them our way – leave a comment, tweet, email, or call us – whatever your communication preference, we’ll get back to you.


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