Our Spring 2012 Accessory Picks

18 Jan

Now that you’re familiar with top spring 2012 accessory trends (with help from our blog post no doubt!), we decided to tackle the topic with our own product selection. Of course, these are only suggestions, so tell us what you think.

{A side note: I’m curious – are you loving the return of the nautical/sailing/stripes style this season? As much as I love sailing as the next person, I’m a bit tired of it!}

As you look at the products shown below, please click the photo to be directed to the product page. OK – let’s take five!

#1 – Dragon

If you tell us that you didn’t spot any dragons on the catwalks, you’re correct. If we’re to come clean, dragons actually aren’t a spring trend. Then, why are we talking about it? According to Chinese astrology, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. Whether you’re into astrology or not, our dragon bracelets are great sellers.


#2 – Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Whether it’s because of Mad Men or not, cat-eye sunglasses gained popularity last year and are still a style to look out for this season. They’re a nice change from years of don’t-disturb-gigantic-sunnies and are an easy way to spruce up any look with a little retro flair.


#3 – Floral

Just like how a pastel palette is nothing shocking for the spring, florals fall in the same boat. However, there’s nothing else that really welcomes spring like flowers. Even if your shoppers see themselves as flower children, a head-to-toe floral look is probably a tad too much. Accessories are your best friends.



#4 – Ladylike

A smartly tailored outfit is missing the perfect jewelry – nothing gaudy or outrageous. There’s never anything wrong with sticking to classics and just feeling pretty. This ladylike trend can work just as well for men: polished and stylish with the right touch of accessories like a great watch, eyewear, or ring.



#5 – Transparent/Clear

Black might be chic at anytime in the year, but come warmer weather, we tend to reach for something more lighthearted and carefree. If your clients are reluctant to wear baby pinks and the like, transparent/clear is a fashionable way to say hello to spring and goodbye to winter blues.



Bonus – Hair Accessories

A few months ago, we checked out glittery hair-y looks from Louis Vuitton. We have plenty of rhinestone hair pieces – headbands, bobby pins, or clips – that aren’t just for special occasions and parties. In fact, it can give a sort of 20’s vibe, which happens to be one of 2012’s biggest trends (maybe due to The Great Gatsby‘s release later this year).

At the Golden Globe Awards this year, Charlize Theron executes the trend perfectly:

To get her look, check out the headband below, which is also available in many other colors.



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