It’s All About Attitude

26 Jan

Hi! Because many of you enjoyed Joyce’s blog post about stress last month, we’ve decided to bug her again to share something with you today. 🙂 Check out what she has to say below and if you’d like, please join her discussion by leaving a comment. She would love to hear your thoughts.

I’ve never been someone to voluntarily read self-help books, but here I am – I’ve read three self-help books so far (and January isn’t even over yet!). I figured that I can use extra help this year.

The second book I read, Be the Miraclewritten by Regina Brett, really struck a chord with me. I don’t remember Brett’s exact words, but she said something like, “Everyone essentially does the same thing. What matters is how we do them.” So, how one person is different from another person is that we assign different meanings to similar tasks.

I guess we can all agree that everybody does the same thing – wherever we go, there are people providing service, selling products, talking about this and that… Our attitude is what makes the difference.

The other day I dealt with two awful service-providing people: the receptionist at my son’s doctor office and the pharmacist. I really was not sure why they were even working there if they were going to have such poor attitudes! Obviously, the two of them combined sort of ruined my morning. However, the pharmacist’s assistant helped me keep my cool because of how he acted: cheerful and helpful. I’m sure the pharmacist earns so much more money than the assistant. Why is there such a huge difference between these two people who are in the same business?

How we approach life really makes a world of difference. We don’t need to spread negativity; there’s plenty of it already. I’m determined to apply  this mindset to my everyday life – personal and professional. Yes, I even dare to say that I intend to be a kind of miracle to my kids, my husband, and my coworkers. I’m planning on consciously adopting this mentality not because I deliberately attach a worthwhile meaning to each and every action I take (as Brett suggested) – I don’t – but because I realize that a positive and loving attitude makes me happy and healthy in the end.

First on my to-do list: don’t make the pharmacist’s mistake and listen very well to others’ needs!


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