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15 Feb

Our world changes faster than ever. News spreads like wildfire. The economy is a rollercoaster. Business is terrific one day, but sluggish the next. We try hard to anticipate changes – good and bad – and, even if some of us are not avid readers, reading up on all that’s relevant helps keep us on our toes.

Yes, you can look to top newspapers or finish breakfast with your morning news program or buy a bulky biz book. But what about blogs? As bloggers ourselves, we’d like to recommend you other blogs we browse – whether for laughs, inspiration, ideas, or advice. In our opinion, blogs can prove to be solid resources to keep your small biz trucking along. After all, information is power.

We’ve divided our picks into three categories. Enjoy!

Business + Other Seriousness

Duct Tape Marketing – This offers fantastic small business marketing tactics all available in one spot.

The Consumerist – We may all be business owners, but in the end, we’re all consumers. Know the facts and protect yourself.

Get Rich Slowly – As their website says, they offer tips so that “personal finance makes cents.”

Small Business Trends – Whether you’ve been in business for a year or a decade, this belongs in your toolbox.

*For more business-savvy blogs, we love this list.

Fashion Trends

GQ – GQ remains our all-around favorite magazine that does men’s style right.

Red Carpet Fashion Awards – Saw it on the red carpet, but can’t figure out who showed it on the runway? Problem solved!

The Sartorialist – Snapshots by one of the best street style photographers, Scott Schuman

The Style Blogger – Do the gentlemen browsing your store need style help? No better go-to person than “America’s best dressed real man!”

The Urban Gentleman – Excellently curated. As their bio says, they blog for the man who is “a man of style, class, culture, and of course, he has a bit of swag.”

Who What Wear – All you need to know about celeb fashion plus the latest and greatest fashion trends

Everything Else

Dooce – One woman who humorously and honestly captures life’s moments – stories most of us can relate to.

Fast Co Design – If smart design makes you giddy, Fast Company’s design blog is pure awesome.

Jim’s Pancakes – What happens when you give pancake batter to a father…

Serious Eats – If you’re a foodie and can’t get enough of hamburgers, this is the place for you.

Smitten Kitchen – Not only do the recipes sound terrific, you get full just from looking at the pictures – well, almost.


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  1. March 19, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

    Woh I enjoy your articles, saved to bookmarks!

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