Your Security Matters

15 Mar

When it comes to online shopping, the #1 concern is how safe the experience will be.

When you shop on any website, your brain might pepper you with dozens of questions like “Will my credit card information be stolen?” or “Who is seeing my private information?” We don’t blame you. We’ve heard countless horror stories and understand that shopping online could be kind of scary.

We want to make sure that you feel 100% 200% safe when you shop with us. After all, your security and peace of mind is extremely important to us – we solemnly swear!

On our FAQ, we briefly address our website security:

Yes, the site is very secure. All private information is seen only by you and intends to keep all confidential information with the client. For your protection, we do not keep a record of your passwords because they are all encrypted, and we do not keep credit card information. As shown on the website, we are secured by SSL and we have COMODO authentication to protect your privacy.

Still concerned and need more details? We understand, so we’ve asked our IT experts to elaborate on our web security. We hope you find the below Q&A helpful.

What is SSL? 

Rinadon uses SSL certificate from COMODO. SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, means that any and all information sent and received through our website is safe. No one can steal the information.

When a customer enters in the credit card info online, is it safe?

Yes. Rinadon does not store the customer’s credit card number in the system. All credit card info is electronically sent to the credit card company. We only store the last four digits of the credit card number as an identifier for the customer’s convenience in case they have questions.

[What this means: when you checkout online, Rinadon staff- shipping, sales, whoever – does not have access to payment info.]

What happens when a customer checks out with PayPal?

When they check out with PayPal Express, we never see how the payment is made because the payment info is securely handled by PayPal only. We only receive confirmation from PayPal that the payment has been made.

Anything else customers should know?
If a customer suspects any suspicious activities, they should let Rinadon know immediately. Rinadon will do everything necessary within our power to protect customers’ private information. We do not sell or share customers’ personal info with anybody. We use it only to directly communicate with customers.
The bottom line is this: whether it’s your name, address, or payment information, your secret is safe is with us! If you have any questions about this or other issues, please feel free to ask. We are here to help you!

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