Inspired: 3 Biz Success Stories

21 Mar

How do you find inspiration?

As business owners, you’ve had your fill of uncertainty, joy, fear, empowerment… It’s difficult to stay motivated 24/7 and keep evolving to reach your business’ ultimate success.

Well, I love stories, especially ones that spotlight wonderfully imaginative individuals who are willing to share how they’ve worked to develop a business in a really cool way. They’re inspiring!

The story doesn’t have to be about saving the world because hey, let’s face it, that’s impossible. I’m talking about small changes – whether you’re suggesting a new way for people to think or helping someone finally find his/her unique style.

I think we can all inspire each other – no matter where we’ve been, where we are, or who we are. The following people strike my fancy and while they’re kind of a big deal today, at one point, they were all in your shoes – a small business owner. For example, Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx (and Atlanta resident – hello!), started in her home as a one-woman show. Today, she’s “the youngest self-made female billionaire!”

We hope you get inspired by these three stories:

1. Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx

2. David Gilboa & Neil Blumenthal, cofounders of Warby Parker

3. Kevin Systrom, founder of Instagram

So, we’re curious. What drives you? Share your story with us. We’d love to hear!


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