Spotlight: Bracelets

5 Apr

When it comes to style, zeroing in on the details can make all the difference. With the right sunglasses, watch, or earrings, the entire look suddenly comes to life – or, in the words of super chic celeb stylist Rachel Zoe, it’ll be bananas.

Speaking of Rachel Zoe, a recent edition of The Zoe Report featured a Versace zipper cuff…

…which reminds us of:

23E00034GLD - at a happier price point!

How do you style bracelets? You could wear it alone (the zippered one is a standout piece) or, you could mix up a bunch of bracelets at once, like one of our favorite fashion bloggers, Song of Style:

23C00104WHT - more colors available


23C00091WHT - more colors available

46E00003RED - more colors available

23E00039BLU - more colors available

And, hey, we didn’t forget about the guys. Adding interest at the wrist can be worked into office or weekend style. Take a cue from David Beckham (and his son!):



23L00011GRN - more colors available


>>For more men’s bracelet suggestions, click here.

With today’s current obsession with piling on bracelets (#armswag on Instagram, if you’re a fan like us), your shoppers – men and women! – can easily achieve very on-trend looks by scooping up pieces like the ones shown above. Mixing and matching has never been more fun.


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