Giving Back: Pap 911 Adoption & Rescue

7 Apr

One value we hold very dear is giving back to the community as much as we are able. While we have talked about it over here, come to think of it, we have never shown you how we try to give a helping hand.

We recently partnered with Papillon 911 Adoption & Rescue, based in Marietta, GA. A non-profit organization, its network of devoted volunteers work extremely hard to rescue Papillons around the U.S. and find them wonderful, loving forever homes.

If you browse our blog or Twitter, you’ve probably spotted several cute Papillon pictures. Having pups at the office helps maintain our casual, laidback environment and who can say no to petting an adorable dog in the middle of the day? It certainly helps with any mid-day slump! (If you’ve ever had to stop by our warehouse to pick-up an order, you’ve probably heard these “talkative” dogs.)

Back in January, our marketing/sales coordinator Christine decided to foster a puppy and named her Penelope, or Penny, for short.

Affectionately called Little Pony because of her extra long legs

We’re all excitedly waiting for her to turn six-months-old so that she can be officially adopted! Over the months, we’ve all come to love her silly puppy antics. Plus, she likes to hang out with our company “mascot” Daisy (also a Papillon):

Difficult to decide who is the cuter one.

We are supporting Pap 911 this April by donating hundreds of jewelry to their online auction, held from 4/8 – 4/22. All money raised goes directly to help rescue more Papillons as well as help already rescued dogs (like covering vet bills).

Many of us here are dog lovers and considering that our mascot Daisy is a Papillon, the rescue’s mission really hits close to home. We encourage you to check out Pap 911’s website and the auction to find out more about the organization and how you can help, too!


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