5 Easy Steps to Care for Your Costume Jewelry!

18 Apr

Costume jewelry lets you follow the latest trends without emptying your bank account, but how do you combat the effects of wear and tear?  No costume jewelry will last forever, even if you have high quality costume jewelry.With proper use and care, you can prolong the life of your fashion jewelry.

Step 1: Keep you jewelry away from ammonia, vinegar, acid and alcohol as these will corrode your jewelry quickly. More common substances to keep your jewelry away from are: perfume, hairspray and lotion as they can easily alter the finish of your costume jewelry.

Step 2: When cleaning your jewelry, use a soft cotton cloth to remove any surface dust. To clean away dust that way be hiding in gaps or clasps, you can use an extra soft toothbrush. DO NOT use soap and water to clean your jewelry! It will leave a film of cloudiness on your jewelry.

Step 3: There are cleaners available for costume jewelry but, if you decide to use a cleaner make sure it specifies its use for fashion or costume jewelry. As long as you follow the directions you shouldn’t run into any problems. Blitz makes a cleaner for costume/fashion jewelry. It is a liquid cleaner, called Blitz Fashion Jewelry Cleaner, that you dip your jewelry into. We have a cleaning cloth that you can use to gently remove tarnish or dirt.

Step 4: Try to remove your costume jewelry if you know you will be in contact with water. For example: remove jewelry before you wash hands, take a shower, or go swimming. Perspiration will also shorten the life of your costume jewelry so take it off before doing any physical activities.

Step 5: Last but not least, make sure you store your jewelry carefully. Jewelry can be easily scratched when in contact with other jewelry so store it in a plastic baggy, like we do!

Images from the following: Swimming Pictures,Cluster Free Classroom, Blitz Inc.


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