Q: Does Your Jewelry Change Color?

1 May

Lately, we’ve received quite a lot of phone calls and emails asking: “Does your fashion jewelry change color? Will my skin turn green? In short, yes and yes.

If you are a costume/fashion jewelry retail veteran, this post just serves as a friendly refresher; if you’re new to the biz, welcome, and we hope you find the info helpful!

We touch on this subject in our FAQ on our website. Here are main points about wear and care:

  • Please keep in mind we sell fashion jewelry, NOT fine jewelry. The only jewelry that will not change color is fine jewelry.
  • Any item that is “gold”, “silver”, “gold tone”, or “silver tone” will change color after wear.
  • One way to help the original color last longer is to coat the part of the jewelry that touches the skin with clear nail polish. You can find Sally Hansen clear nail polish at Target for $2.49!

  •  You can also spray your fashion jewelry with Krylon Crystal Clear. This will also help prevent tarnish.

  • Any item that is gold or rhodium plated will eventually change color; of course, it will take longer to change color than regular unplated jewelry. How long? It all depends on the person wearing it!
  • .925 sterling silver also changes color and you will need to polish this regularly to maintain shine. The only metal that does not ever change color is pure gold, which Rinadon does not sell at this time.
  • A final note: if your customers are super sensitive and very concerned about tarnish/green skin/allergic reactions/etc. please encourage them to shop fine jewelry. Reactions to the metal used in costume jewelry is highly individual. Case in point: some of us here will get green skin within a day, while others never experience it!

For more tips and tricks, check out: 5 Easy Steps to Care for Your Costume Jewelry!

Here is an easy recipe to remove tarnish:

Warm water + salt + baking soda = clean jewelry!


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