Going Green?

30 May

Do you want to make your store eco-friendly? For many businesses the answer is, yes. There are more and more business owners seeking out energy- efficient products and recycled products.

Creating a green workspace can be costly, but going green can help small business stand out from other retailers. So how can you go green without emptying your wallet in the process?

  • Lighting:
    • Switch to energy- efficient lighting.
    • You can reduce cost and energy by using LED or compact fluorescent (CFL) lights.
    • Use less lighting throughout the day. (ex: If you have windows in the front of the store, maybe you only need to light the back of the store!)
  • Cleaning products:
    • Switch to a “green” less toxic cleaning product as you run out of your current products.
  • Save a tree:
    • Get rid of your plastic bags and switch to recycled paper bags (You can even ask if they need a bag at all. You will be surprised how often people opt out of a bag.)
    • Email the receipt (Then you can email them in the future with sales! IT IS ALL ABOUT MARKETING!!)
  • Use less energy:
    • Turn off computers and cash registers at night to save energy
    • Use recycling bins to rid of waste!

One of the biggest mistakes made by businesses going green is trying to do everything at once. These are not changes that should be made over night. Make these changes a little at a time and make sure your customers understand your “green” changes.

Already working your way to a “greener” business? We would love to know what worked for you?



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