How Twitter Can Help Your Small Business

26 Jun

Do you ever ask yourself, “How can Twitter help grow my small business?” Well, today we will answer that question for you.

The world is becoming more and more social media based every year. Why not take advantage of this and make an account on Twitter.

  • Twitter helps your business reach out to a new audience of customers. You can reach hundreds of people in a matter of seconds! You can let your customers know about sales or new items in your store all day long.  It is also a great way to get in touch with your customers and build your brand.
  • The best thing about adding a Twitter account to your marketing plan… IT IS SO EASY TO LEARN! You will be able to tweet with no trouble at all by the end of the day!!
  • Getting information out in a quick and cost effective (FREE!) way is a must in this day and age.
  • You can draft a whole week’s worth of tweets and set them for a time and day, so you can be active on your account without having to monitor your twitter feed 24/7. (For those days you know you will be busy helping customers)
  • Follow people that are relevant to your target market and people that you find interesting, such as your favorite celeb, so you can retweet valuable information to your clients.
  • Always link your Twitter account to your website!

We find Twitter a great way to get in contact with you, our customers! We love to share all the latest information with you as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!

So create an account on Twitter today and follow us! We would love to see what is going on in your stores and how you are doing!

Follow us on Twitter!! @rinadon_com


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