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Best Sellers: A Perfect Dozen

27 Jul

Big Ben on a typical overcast day

How excited are you about the Olympics finally starting?? We can hardly contain our excitement 🙂 With athletes representing over 200 countries, we know we’ll absolutely be blown away by their sheer amazing-ness. There is just something really wonderful about celebrating different cultures and bringing all these nations together, despite our differences.

So. On this beautiful Friday afternoon, we bring you current best-sellers for both men and women. A perfect dozen, if we may say so! Take a look and click on the images to be directed to our website for product info + purchase.

Let us know if we can assist you with anything and as always, thanks for dropping by! Enjoy + have a great weekend —

84C00161GLD – also in silver. Similar: 84C00160 series

66T00009CLR – many colors available! Similar: 66T00008 series + 76M00572 series

76M00571CLR – many colors available!

56C00133CLR – in pink + red

62Z00672BLK – also natural

53N00014BLK – also mix

23L00016M0A – many colors available!


84C00285BLK – many colors available!


53N00008M0A – many colors available!

76M00101BLU – many colors available!

Product Spotlight: Handmade Clay Watches

25 Jul


It’s always exciting to introduce a new line + if you haven’t had the chance to browse through our new watches, please do! Our latest watch collection can be described in three words: fun, unique, and cute.

These handmade watches feature tiny themed scenes carefully crafted with clay and sturdy Japan movement. Whether the fun fashionista loves sewing or adores cats, we carry many different designs. They are great for kids and young adults, or those who are forever young at heart 🙂 The best part about these watches is that they do double duty: tell you the time + give you plenty of style!

Each of these watches come nicely packaged in a lucite case, making them perfect for gifts and super easy for  you to display in your store. The case has a hidden hook that allows you to put them out on the floor in no time at all.

The MSRP is $45-$50 USD.

To see more details of the 3 best-selling watches above, click here | here | here !

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A Harsh Lesson in Social Media

23 Jul

We were, and still are, utterly shocked and saddened by the senseless shooting in Colorado.

You may have, like many others, taken to social media (namely Twitter) to extend your condolences and prayers.

If you are familiar with Twitter, there are trending topics that you can see on a global scale as well as on a local scale. On Friday, it was unsurprising that #Aurora was trending – everyone was talking about the nightmare that had struck that city.

Was it possible to use #Aurora incorrectly?

In fact, there was, if you chose to skimp on a quick Google search. Not everything that trends is good or positive.

A UK retailer didn’t bother researching what #Aurora was referring to, and immediately jumped on it as an opportunity to tweet and advertise one of its products. Insensitive, ignorant, horrifying, and really, just plain stupid! Although the retailer sent out a series of tweets as an apology, the damage was done.

What terrible PR.

In an age of technology where the world is even more intertwined than ever before, there honestly is no excuse to not be aware of major news, particularly tragedies. Even if an entire ocean and thousands of miles separate two nations, it is really only a matter of hours or minutes before news spreads.

As retailers, it is even more important to be fully aware of how social media tools are used. As wonderful as social media can be, clearly, it can go so very wrong. The public isn’t very forgiving. When a business does something wrong, the error spreads extremely quickly in the worst way possible, like a wildfire. And, cleaning up after the mess, is a monumental task.

Our hearts are with Aurora and the Colorado community at large…