Sale!! –> Refresh Your Summer :)

9 Jul

We know that summers are supposed to be hot, but man, this summer is all about breaking just about every temperature record out there! Yikes! For us Southerners, you’d think that we’re more than acclimated to this heat, but we are living our days in a daze. 100+ degree weather and muggy humidity?? Noooo thank you!

If you’re in the same boat, we hope you are keeping cool, hydrated, and safe in this scorching heat. So, pull up that alluring glass of ice cold lemonade (or, sweet tea, if you’re down South!), and refresh your summer with our. . .

Here are the details on how to enjoy your week of fun!

Code: summer10

  • Save 10% off your entire order! 🙂
  • Discount on sub-total, not shipping/handling/fees, etc.
  • Cannot be combined with another discount code
  • Usage does not earn reward points
  • You can use code with already existing reward points
  • Active: 7/9/2012 to 7/15/2012 (expires at 12 am EST)
  • Code is only valid on dates listed above
  • Applicable on ALL orders (domestic and international)

Questions? Comments? You know how to reach us!


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