13 Lucky Best Sellers!

13 Jul

Whether you’re superstitious or not, it’s Friday the 13th! We hope today turns out to be a very lucky day for you all 🙂

Here are some fun facts about today:

1. Today is the 3rd time it’s been Friday the 13th in 2012.

2. This year, there are 13 weeks between each Friday the 13th.

In honor of today, we’ve compiled 13 of our current best-sellers – check ’em out below. To find out more info about a product, just click on the picture. Thanks + let us know if we can help you with anything! (P.S. Our 10% off summer sale ends this Sunday – don’t forget!)

59T00006SVR – also in gold + hematite!

56C00133RED – also in pink + clear!

64N00110GLD – also in silver

58J00002WHT – more colors available!


66T00008LSM – more colors available!

62Z00252GLD – also in silver

64D00559GRN – also in clear

62Z00025GLD – also in silver

64N00109SVR – also in gold

64N00129GLD – also in silver

22A00038GLD – also in silver + hematite

24E00038BLU – more colors!


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