Best Sellers: A Perfect Dozen

27 Jul

Big Ben on a typical overcast day

How excited are you about the Olympics finally starting?? We can hardly contain our excitement 🙂 With athletes representing over 200 countries, we know we’ll absolutely be blown away by their sheer amazing-ness. There is just something really wonderful about celebrating different cultures and bringing all these nations together, despite our differences.

So. On this beautiful Friday afternoon, we bring you current best-sellers for both men and women. A perfect dozen, if we may say so! Take a look and click on the images to be directed to our website for product info + purchase.

Let us know if we can assist you with anything and as always, thanks for dropping by! Enjoy + have a great weekend —

84C00161GLD – also in silver. Similar: 84C00160 series

66T00009CLR – many colors available! Similar: 66T00008 series + 76M00572 series

76M00571CLR – many colors available!

56C00133CLR – in pink + red

62Z00672BLK – also natural

53N00014BLK – also mix

23L00016M0A – many colors available!


84C00285BLK – many colors available!


53N00008M0A – many colors available!

76M00101BLU – many colors available!


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