Things We Love: Summer 2012

1 Aug

Can it be? Yes, it is already August and believe it or not, autumn is just around the corner! As we prep to say adieu to summer, here are a few things that we love right now. We asked members of our hard-working team for their two cents – enjoy 🙂

“I’ve probably eaten froyo at least 2 dozen times this summer. It’s (a lot?) healthier than ice cream, so I feel a little less guilty even if I cover it in Oreos or gummy bears…” -Jill

“I think this summer is all about stacking tons and tons of bracelets. This is one of our newest arrivals and one of my favorite pieces. I’m probably going to take a couple home with me :)” -Ming

“I only just saw this and with its multiple 2011 Oscar wins (including Best Motion Picture and Best Actor), it didn’t disappoint. Who knew a silent film could be so fantastic??” -Christine

“I went on a much-needed vacation this summer and this neon airplane luggage tag is actually kind of cute. Plus, it helped me track my suitcase in a sea of black at baggage claim.” -Ben

“Olympics. #TeamUSA. Need I say more?” -Katie

“I think it’s good to have as much fun as possible at work, then it stops feeling like work. Maybe that’s why I love wearing this necklace so much – it makes me feel like I’m in Hawaii or the Caribbean somewhere… All I’m missing is a margarita!” -Tracy

“There aren’t that many TV shows I’m crazy about in the summer, but I’m borderline obsessed with MasterChef. It’s equal parts ridiculous, inspiring, and addicting.” -Catherine

“OK – I know that grillz haven’t exactly had mass market appeal. But, you know, after Ryan Lochte wore one on the podium, everybody’s talking about it and, you never know… This might be the next big thing.” -Matt


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