Happy Thanksgiving!! — We’re Closed 11/22 + 11/23!

19 Nov

A Peanuts Thanksgiving

Starting this Thursday, the holidays will be in full swing. I read a statistic somewhere that between Thanksgiving and New Year, the average American gains about 7 lbs. Oh, I believe it! Enjoy this wonderful time with your family and friends, and as always, please let us know if we can help you in some way. To our international customers, we’ll be back with you after a very long weekend, absolutely bursting at the seams.

UPS does not operate this Thursday (22nd) and Friday (23rd). Any and all orders submitted between Wednesday evening and the weekend will be taken care of on Monday, November 26th! Please shop accordingly and if you have any questions about scheduling or delivering of packages, please ask. Otherwise, we hope you’ll be understanding of our short week… As we enjoy our pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes, we will think about how genuinely thankful we are for our fabulous customers 🙂

Thanks + Blessings to you —

Rinadon Team


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