Seven Tweets to Keep You in the Loop

9 Jan

From the minute we wake up to waiting in line at Starbucks to enjoying our lunch breaks, we turn to Twitter for quick, relevant, bite-sized news about everything from fashion trends, technology, small business tips, and celeb gossip (Kimye‘s baby, anyone??).

Here are a handful of tweets we think you should know now!

  1. From @mashable: “Google: The Flu is Coming!” – maybe the flu shot really is a good idea after all.
  2. From @Forbes: Billionaire Tory Burch is kind of a big deal thanks to $200 shoes.
  3. From @TwitterSmallBiz: Get inspired by 20 retail ideas for 2013!
  4. From @FastCompany: Well, we survived 12/21/12 – whew. But will an asteroid destroy Earth??
  5. From @OpenForum: Like beauty products from Fresh? Here’s the Fresh CEO discussing her beauty empire.
  6. From @Time: We love the Oscars for the red carpet and brilliant films. Early predictions!
  7. From @OpenForum: 3 tech trends to pay attention to for your small biz!

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