Style Pointers via WWW

4 Sep

This time, WWW is not the World Wide Web. As you may or may not know, WhoWhatWear is one of our favorite fashion blogs. Do you read it? It’s pretty fab and always churns out articles about the latest trends seen on the streets and on celebs.

Jewelry represents just one piece of an entire look. How do you put it all together? Here are some style pointers we were inspired by and hope you do too! Take a look. Just click on the link you’re interested in to be inspired for your next window display or your customer’s fun night out!

  1. 50 Street Style Pics
  2. Miley Cyrus 90’s Style
  3. Comic Con 2013 Style
  4. Neckerchiefs!
  5. Must-Have Jewelry
  6. 16 Gents
  7. Chain Necklaces on Celebs

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