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17 Oct

Fall is in full swing and it happens to be this writer’s favorite season. What are you loving or hating for fall fashion? Let us know in the Comments.

To give you an idea of what the most popular jewelry pieces are right now, read the rest of this post! Click the pictures to be directed to our website for more info. Questions? No problem – just email or call us. So, here we go – 14 fantastic fall favorites (ooh – look at that alliteration!). Enjoy 🙂

And, you’ve still got 4 days of Free Shipping!!

66T00009CLR – more colors!

21D00031IVY – more colors!


76M01096GLD – more colors!

88I00052DRD – more colors!

28L00222GLD – also silver

88I00070RED – also pink



76M00857SVR – also hematite

76M00092ABC – more colors!

47L00003PNK – more colors!

76M00573ABC – more colors!

62Z00033GLD (necklace)


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