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Anniversary Sale!

24 Jun

Rinadon is another year older. Happy early birthday to us!

Thanks very much for supporting us over the years. As a treat just for you, we are having our annual Anniversary Sale. 🙂

Anniversary Sale 2


Enjoy and check out the details below. Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us!

*Please note Free Shipping does not apply to this event*

  • Code “ANN20″ = 20% off any order!
  • Enjoy from now until 7/8/14
  • ALL items included!
  • Shipping and other fees, charges are the customer’s responsibility
  • Cannot be combined with another discount code
  • Does not apply to special orders or reorders – if you have questions, please ask!
  • Usage does not earn reward points
  • You can use your already existing reward points!

Summer Jewelry

20 Jun

The first day of summer is tomorrow! Though, it has been feeling like summer for awhile now. All this humidity – ick.

Summer reminds us of this #FBF:

Here’s a list of some of our best-selling jewelry pieces lately. Take a look and click on the picture to be directed to our website for more info. Let us know if we can help you with anything! Thanks and have a great weekend 🙂

66T00009CLR – more colors

84C00485GLD – also silver


59E00023GLD – also silver

64D00555CLR – more colors

23E00030BLK – more colors

84C00205RED – more colors

62Z00011GLD (bracelet) – also silver

62Z00257GLD (necklace) – also silver

84C00482GLD – also silver

23E00033HPK – more colors

76T00068R0A – also gold

64N00109SVR – also gold

66A00536GLD – more colors

12 Best Sellers!

6 Jun

Can you believe it? It’s June already!

With a new month, it’s a good time to fill you in on the latest best sellers. Here’s 12 that we suggest you add to your store. Take a look and let us know what pieces you’re looking for this summer!

For more info about a product, click on the picture to be directed to our website. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help. Enjoy your Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

64N00129GLD – also silver

56S00298SVR – more colors

84C00475GLD – also silver

76M00573VTM, 12mm – more colors

84C00479GLD – also silver


66T00008JET, 12mm – more colors


76M00966GLD – also silver

84C00451SVR – more colors


59E00022GLD – also silver