Summer Jewelry

20 Jun

The first day of summer is tomorrow! Though, it has been feeling like summer for awhile now. All this humidity – ick.

Summer reminds us of this #FBF:

Here’s a list of some of our best-selling jewelry pieces lately. Take a look and click on the picture to be directed to our website for more info. Let us know if we can help you with anything! Thanks and have a great weekend šŸ™‚

66T00009CLR – more colors

84C00485GLD – also silver


59E00023GLD – also silver

64D00555CLR – more colors

23E00030BLK – more colors

84C00205RED – more colors

62Z00011GLD (bracelet) – also silver

62Z00257GLD (necklace) – also silver

84C00482GLD – also silver

23E00033HPK – more colors

76T00068R0A – also gold

64N00109SVR – also gold

66A00536GLD – more colors


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