Scoop These Up Today!

15 Dec

Happy Monday Y’all —

Be sure to add these best sellers to your shelves for the holiday season. For more information about a product, please click on the picture to be directed to our website. As always, if you have any questions/comments for us, please feel free to contact us. Rinadon has a little something for everyone.

Have a fantastic week 🙂

64N00108SVR – also in gold

62Z00033GLD – 30″ – also in silver

62Z00246SVR – 24″

62Z01050GLD – more colors available

84C00475GLD – also in silver

62Z00168SVR – 36″ – more colors available

64N00112SVR – also in gold

84C00451SVR – more colors available

76M00572LSM – 20mm – more colors available

88I00075ABC – more colors available

66T00009ROS – 15mm – more colors available

76L00036AGL – also in silver

76E00314EML – more colors available

66T00008CLR – 12mm – more colors available


24H00049HPK – kids


11R00379TOP – kids – more colors available

Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends. -Kate Spade


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