22 Best Sellers Just For You =)

12 Jan


We hope you had a relaxing weekend and are having a good start to another week 🙂 We are kicking off our Monday by jamming to Sam Smith.

Here is a quick list of our latest best sellers. For more info or to purchase, please click on the picture to be directed to our website. If you have any questions/comments, please let us know.

Have a great day!

64D00460GRN – more colors available

66T00008CLR – more colors available

64D00502GLD – more colors available – 20% OFF!

64D00373WHT – also in black – 20% OFF!


47A00124RED – 20% OFF!

88I00051GRN – 20% OFF!

47A00125RED – also in pink – 20% OFF!

64D00504YLW – 20% OFF!

47A00134PUR – also in black – 20% OFF!

64D00458BLU – 20% OFF!

67A00012SVR – also in gold


84I00381BLK – also in blue – 20% OFF!



84C00475GLD – also in silver

64N00109GLD – also in silver

84C00481GLD – also in silver

62Z00024GLD (bracelet)


62Z00309GLD – more colors available


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