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What’s with the flamingo? You’ve either already met this darling flamingo or have yet to meet her, but she says, “Hello and welcome!” Our blog seems like a good place to introduce her. She became our “mascot” probably for a combination of the following reasons:

  • Our CEO loves animals and flamingoes are pretty
  • Flamingoes are known to be very social creatures. Rinadon truly wants to connect with you and provide you the best shopping experience possible
  • Some think the flamingo is a little awkward, but we find it to be very elegant with its beautiful color and to-die-for long legs (and we want everyone who wears our accessories to be stylish, fashionable, and feel great)
  • Our company colors are pink and green, and the flamingo naturally flaunts her gloriously pink feathers, proving to be a perfect match
  • To complete her look, she just needed some fabulous jewelry to show off

*Fun fact: The flamingo is pink/red because of the food (carotenoid proteins and plankton) it eats!

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