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Style Spotlight: Rihanna

11 Jun

Whether or not you dig Rihanna’s bold fashion and her often racy music, one thing’s for sure: this girl’s got staying power. If your customers envy RihRih’s jewelry, look no further because we can help you out!

Enjoy “Diamonds” as you browse our top picks that really spotlight this bad gal’s fashion! Click on product photos to be directed to our website for more info and purchase. Let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for looking!!


rihanna style-1


rihanna style-2

62Z01102GLD – also check out matching bracelet


rihanna style-3


rihanna style-4


rihanna style-5


rihanna style-6


rihanna style-7


rihanna style-8


rihanna style-9

*All celeb images pooled from the very useful Google Images. We are not associated with mentioned persons. Images strictly used for comparison purposes. =)

Top 10 Best Sellers!

10 Feb

Even though we separated Fashion and Hip Hop on our website, the two always manage to overlap. This is a line-up of our current top 10 best sellers from both worlds. Depending on your customers’ styles and your shop’s brand, some products may work better for you than others, but what we can guarantee is this: you will look modern and current, not frumpy and so five years ago. So, take a look, mix and match, and let us know what you think.

P.S. New York Fashion Week is here!

[Click on images to be directed to product page for purchase. Also, please note that many of the items are available in more colors!]








¬†— or try this one




The Best of Fashion+Hip Hop

10 Jan


Our monthly round-up of what’s your current favorites… As usual, this is a mishmash of our “fashion” and hip hop sites that hone in on picks that 98% of the time, can do no wrong.

(Speaking of hip hop, my favorite Beyonce is officially a mommy. How do you like the baby’s name? Blue Ivy… It’s unusual, but honestly, I don’t expect anything less from the chanteuse. If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s proud father Jay-Z’s¬†tribute to his new baby.)

For more information about a product shown below, click on the image.

56C00133RED – more colors available

64D00281PNK – more colors available

84C00338GLD – silver available

56C00125PNK – more colors available

76M00550PNK – more colors available

64D00430PNK – more colors available



84C00256SVR – more colors available


62Z00672NAT – black available

*Be sure to visit our Valentine’s Day shop – we’ve set aside all relevant jewelry for easy shopping.
*Wondering why there are so many earrings in this best-sellers list?

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