Going Green

Why is Rinadon.com green?

Rinadon.com works each day so that our growing business can make the right choices to build a green company from the ground up, one small step at a time. We take pride in our environmental philosophy and in our commitment to serve our customers by those standards. Some small steps we have taken to promote this include:

• Use of 100% biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts in shipments. This means that our special nontoxic peanuts will decompose in water and reduces space in the landfill.
• Compact fluorescent lighting in all areas of our warehouse. Use of fluorescent lighting is more efficient than sing incandescent bulbs, thus effectively reducing carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide (acid rain) emissions. We take our lighting a step further by ensuring that all lights are turned off after office hours. Plus, our warehouse has a skylight!
• Recycling of all used ink cartridges. This is really important because we sure go through a lot of ink! Set up an account with http://www.cartridgeworld.com and they will come pick up all your used ink cartridges for free, or you can easily drop off any cartridges at one of their locations.
• Active programs to enforce recycling of all bottles, cans, and paper helps to reduce the amount of trash sent to the landfill.
• We purchase all sorts of box sizes, so that we can make sure that the right box size is used to pack up an order. By conserving space and shipping materials, we reduce waste.
• We reuse our suppliers’ shipping materials (boxes and bubble wraps) to cut down on waste.
• We try to not be too picky about the temperature at our office. We don’t turn on the heat or A/C unless we really need to, because throwing a sweater on uses a whole lot less energy than cranking up the thermostat!

How we celebrate Earth Day: Towards the end of every April, we work to help our planet in some way by teaming up with an organization sincerely committed to making a difference in our environment. Our efforts are always detailed in our blog.

We’re looking for ways to continuously improve, so feel free to email us with any of your earth friendly suggestions at sales@rinadon.com.

One Response to “Going Green”

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